Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a combination of propane and butane hydrocarbon gas that is kept in a liquid state. Liquefied petroleum gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Liquid gas is mainly used for heating applications, vehicle fuel and in the manufacture of sprays as a cooling gas in refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators, LPG is actually a by-product of natural gas purification and crude oil refining. Thermal value LPG is higher than gasoline and fuel oil. It produces higher energy compared to equal weight, but has a lower calorific value in equal volumes. Specifies that in the analysis, propane is characterized by C3 and butane by C4

The use of liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel has been widely used for the following reasons:

  • Its high thermal value
  • No smoke
  • No carbon residue
  • Easy to use and use in people’s lives

Uses of LPG:

This gas is used in many places where it is not possible to use other sources of fuel because it is easily transportable

  • Homes for stoves and heating appliances
  • Factories for fueling furnaces and burners (and in some for secondary fuel)
  • Industrial and commercial kitchens
  • Ignition system of gas turbines in combined cycle power plants
  • Second fuel for cars

LPG consumption in the car

Today, in many developed countries of the world, including Turkey, South Korea, Russia, Italy, Poland, Britain and the United States, liquefied petroleum gas is used as car fuel, which is called auto gas

There are three main factors involved in LPG safety:

1- Tank pressure 2- Explosion and flammability limits 3- Safe dual combustion in factory or in standard workshops

LNG should not be confused with LPG (liquefied natural gas) Aluminum is actually the natural gas (mainly methane and ethane) that gasifies for easier transportation. CNG is also a natural gas that is compressed to take up less volume

Today, for many countries, natural gas is a vital source of energy

Among these countries, the United States is one of the largest producers

This gas has been able to supply the primary energy of the United States well

LPG analysis