jet fuel A1

jet fuel A1

Jet fuel, A viation turbine fuel (ATF) or A vtur is a type of fuel designed for use in aircraft equipped with gas turbine engines. It is light straw in color. The most common fuels used in commercial aircraft are jet A and jet A-1, which are manufactured to international standard specifications. The only other jet fuel commonly used in civilian turbine-powered aircraft is jet B, which is used for better performance in cold weather.

Or Jet fuel is a mixture of many different hydrocarbons. Kerosene type jet fuel (including jet A and jet (A-1 has a carbon distribution between about 8 to 16 carbon (carbon atoms per molecule). 5 to 15 pieces of carbon.

Aircraft fuel or jet fuel is a special type of oil-based fuel used to power aircraft. It generally has a higher quality than fuels used in less critical applications such as heating or road transport, and often contains additives to reduce the risk of freezing or exploding due to high temperatures, among other properties.

Method for Platts Jet Fuel Price Index

The Platts Jet Fuel Price Index is calculated by Platts using the organization’s proprietary daily assessment of jet fuel point prices in the relevant regional centers. When a market is not evaluated.

On a particular day, for example due to a market holiday, a point assessment of the previous business day is used. Based on the Platts evaluation, regional portfolios are assigned to each of the Platts evaluations.


A1 jet fuel analysis